Born in Hawaii.
Photographed my stuffed animals under a coconut tree. Age 5.
Swam in the ocean. Rode bikes and played with dogs.
Found a love of photography.
First roll of film = 24 pictures of my dog.
Traveled around the world. 
Rescued a dog.  Named her Gypsy.  Love the Gypsy.
Photographed her - a lot.
Moved to San Francisco with my camera and Gypsy.
Started taking photos of pets & their people.
Moved to Santa Barbara.
Rescued a dog. Named her Mai’a. It means banana in Hawaiian. It suits her well.
Life is good…


Born in Hawaii.
Wound up in a shelter. 
Rescued by a dog-loving photographer.
Swam in the ocean.  Chased bikes and played with dogs.
Sun seeker.  Peanut butter lover.  Power napper.
Nicknamed “Wiggle-Butt”.
Found myself in front of the camera - a lot.
Career in canine modeling. 
Moved to San Francisco with mom and her camera.
Discovered squirrels.  Discovered it’s a dog town. 
Life is good…


Born in California.
Found on the streets.
Rescued by a dog-loving photographer.
Learning to doggy-paddle in the ocean.
I live for peanut butter Kongs, belly rubs and the beach.
My full name is Mai’a Papaya, but my friends usually just sniff my butt or call me Mai’a.
I get to meet a lot of cool people and fun dogs at mom’s photo studio.
I’m the mascot and greeter at the studio but my official title is Director of Barketing.
Life is good…